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The Painted Verse

"The Painted Verse", as the name suggests, is an amalgamation of poetry and painting, two different, yet complementary arts. Each composition in this book is enriched by the coming together of these powerful mediums of expression. The poet and the painter weave a rich fabric of colours and words, inspired by nature and its beauty, love, pain, joy, and the innermost feelings of humankind. The book comprises 50 compositions. While in many of them, the poem inspired the painting, in several others, the painting inspired the poem. A treat to the eyes and the soul alike, "The Painted Verse" is a journey through the realms of the known and the unknown, as perceived by a poet and an artist.

Author: Preeta Chandran
Artist: Pankaj Kumar Saxena
Publisher: Bibliophile South Asia
ISBN: 978-93-82337-08-9
Foreword by: Mr. Soli Sorabjee, Former Attorney General of India

The Portrait of a Verse

Coming soon….

Author: Preeta Chandran
Artist: Pankaj Kumar Saxena

Anthologies carrying Preeta’s Poems

  1. The Dance of the Peacock, published by The Hidden Brook Press, Canada.
  2. Suvarnarekha, published by The Poetry Society of India.
  3. Poetic Prism 2015 and 2016, published by the Cultural Centre of Vijaywada.
  4. Verbal Art, published by Authorspress.
  5. Happy Isle, curated by the Guntur Poetry Festival.
  6. Kokaku 24, magazine of haiku, tanka, and related genres, edited by Patricia Prime & Margaret Beverland.
  7. Et si les mots parlaient, curated by Galerie MP Tresart, Canada.
Author: Preeta Chandran

Art & Poetry Fusion Exhibitions featuring Preeta’s works

  • Soleil D’ hiver, by Galerie MP Tresart, Canada.
  • Fused-Unfused, All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, India.


2017: Conducted a highly acclaimed session on Fusion of art and poetry in the International Kolkata Book Festival.
2014: Poetry Reading on Violence Against Women, organized by India International Centre and The Poetry Society of India.
2014: Introduced and released works of new poets in an event by Butterfly & The Bee; interviewed new authors in this event.
2013: Expressions 2013: Book launch and reading at India Habitat Centre.